Our History

Rockadelic is a three piece rock band based in SW Florida consisting of highly experienced musicians from all over the U.S. They have played at many country clubs, parties, and events in SW Florida.


Magician and Sorceress of Songs

With her beginnings steeped in the music culture of the San Francisco Bay Area, Tracy Waugh has been a vocalist musician for over 30 years. Influenced by 1970-80s early/ post Punk rock, New Wave, Siouxsie, Blondie, Bauhaus, Joy Division, and incredible College Radio (KUSF, KALX)

Playing in her first band, Youth in Eyes, she furthered her vocal training learning the Judy Davis Vocal Method -coach to ✨ stars. (Grace Slick, Barbara Streisand,Frank Sinatra)

After a scattering of other garage Indie bands she formed Space Vacuum from outer space, Dionysus records, touring Japan, the western United States and every nook and cranny San Francisco offered. In 2016 she and her family moved to Naples Florida and soon began enjoying playing the nostalgic music from other bands she’s admired throughout her career. Her relationship to her Rockadelic Bandmates creates the easiest flow of creativity spanning all genres of music, “It’s like turning the dial of a radio.”


All Time Being Master of Time Space and Dimension.... Oh and he sings and plays the Geetar!

Dan started playing in bands in New York and then moved to Florida and played in Nashville Recording Band Wonderful Johnson. WJ's songs appeared in the TV show One Tree Hill and Smallville. He also played with Local bands Shanghyde, Old School, Hard Cover, & the Daniel Wolkoff Band. He has played at Disney World Rock & Roll Beach Club, Hard Rock Cafe, Everglades Seafood Festival, and opened up for the Fixx.


He's got the beats... or will give you the beatdown!

Joseph was born in Brooklyn, NY on December 28, 1960. At the age of 3, Joseph found the drums in the form of his mother's pots and pans. His mother, Carmela, who was a classical trumpet player and studied on scholarship at the prestigious Juillard School of Music, was a huge influence in his playing.

Drumming came very easy for Joseph; he was able to play rudiments naturally without knowing what he was playing. He remembers playing along with the Beatles & Monkey's tunes on his first toy drum set. At the age of 15, his parents bought him his first professional Ludwig Drum Set. Listening closely to his musical influences, Gene Krupa, Bubby Rich, Joe Morello and Carl Palmer...Joseph got busy on the drums. Within one year of studying and intense practice, he placed 2nd out of 2500 contestants in the New York City Talent Search Competition, where he competed against all types of acts. He went on to play with Mel Edwards, who was the singer & choreographer of the competition. The following year on 10th anniversary of the Talent Search Competition, Joseph was invited back as a special guest performer.

At the age of 16, Joseph was playing and recording professionally on the New York City music circuit with players twice his age. After 6 yrs of playing the Manhattan circuit and with his passion for drumming always center stage in his life, Joseph decided to start his own business and play locally on the weekends.

In 1985, Joseph had the opportunity to audition for the grand re-opening celebration of the World-Famous Apollo Theater.

May 5th, 1985. He performed for a critically enthusiastic crowd and placed 2nd in the competition. Joseph was then asked back to perform as a special guest for the filming of the pilot TV show "Showtime at the Apollo", which was sold to NBC.

Joseph played the New York club scene with various artists throughout his musical career with much success. In 2011, Joseph recorded with legendary R&B artist Lillo Thomas http://lillothomas.com/ on his latest CD "Come And Get It?.

Currently, Joseph resides in beautiful South West Florida, where he continues to perform and delights his audiences with great music, memories and his passion for drumming!